Samsung Refurbished Systems

Samsung Centre Melbourne can provide all models of pre-owned and refurbished Samsung Telephone Systems and refurbished Samsung handsets. We can also re-program, re-install, relocate or make programming changes to your existing Samsung Telephone System and provide cost affective additions & expansions to an existing system such as voicemail, capacity for extra lines (ISDN or PSTN) and extra handsets. 

We can service and provide technical advice and parts for all previous models of the Samsung Business Telephone System and Samsung PABX range including:-                             

Refurbished Samsung Business Telephone Systems

  • Samsung OfficeServ 12 Telephone System

  • Samsung OfficeServ 500 Telephone System 

  • Samsung OfficeServ 100 Telephone System

  • Samsung iDCS500 Telephone System

  • Samsung iDCS100 Telephone System

  • Samsung DCS200 Telephone System            

  • Samsung DCS70 Telephone System  

  • Samsung DCS24 Telephone System 

  • Samsung DX408 Telephone System

  • Samsung DCS Compact Telephone System  

  • Samsung Gateway PABX  


Refurbished Samsung Business Telephone System Accessories

  • Samsung Telephone System Voicemail (SVMi-Ee, SVMi-8, SVMi-4, SVM800, SVM400, Cadence)

  • Samsung Telephone System Automated Attendant

  • Samsung Telephone System Power Supply Units

  • Samsung Battery Back Up Units